About the book

Welcome to the homepage of the textbook Foundations of European Politics – A comparative approach!

The book introduces students to the most current theoretical and empirical research on European politics, and it does so in a highly accessible way through examples and data visualizations. We hope that the book offers students an engaging learning experience.

This website is part of that engaging experience. Here, for each chapter, we present and describe in greater depth a major political dataset that has been discussed in the book. To explore concepts from the chapters, we present a series of questions that students can answer using data, and we present interactive activities that allow students to engage directly with data to answer these questions.

We hope you enjoy these activities!

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In case you discover an error, please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail to foundationseuropol@gmail.com.


Department of Social and Political Sciences, Bocconi University

Department of Government, London School of Economics

Cologne Center for Comparative Politics, University of Cologne

Department of Political Science, University of Zurich

Data Descriptions and Exercises

In this section we provide students with an engaging experience, exploring data introduced in the book. For each chapter you find a data set description and a data exercise below. First, in the data set description we present and describe a major political science dataset that is discussed in the book and we present students with a series of questions. Second, in the data exercise we provide an interactive activity where students answer these questions using the data set described. We recommend that you go through the data set description before doing the interactive activity in the data exercise. Furthermore, we suggest that you do the interactive activity on a laptop or tablet. Enjoy!